Thirteenth Floor The (1999) IMDB 6.80(32 176) Full Movie Download

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original title: Thirteenth Floor The
rating: 6.80(32 176)
Germany, United States
science fiction, Thriller, detective
Director: Josef Rusnak. starring: Craig Birko, Gretchen Mol, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Vincent D Onofrio, Dennis Heysbert, …
running time: 100
release date: 1999


On the thirteenth floor of computer Corporation has developed the perfect model of a virtual reality, the creation of which entailed a chain of mysterious murders. Unravel the mystery can only be immersed in another dimension, where could be the answer to many questions, and may be \” very deeply…

Review: ‘Nirvana’, ‘Dark city’, ‘Existence’, ‘Thirteenth floor’ and ‘the Matrix’, you will agree, for the three calendar years a lot of films released in the second half of the 90-ies as for its genre. And the main difference between the work of the Director Josef Alexander Rusnak, that if you mix all of the above picture in one – here’s to you and get ‘Thirteenth floor’.
This work of his visual litsedeystvom boast unlikely to be able to, Yes, and after the picture Wachowski brothers in those years that very few people had been given. But the authors of the film wants to realize the modest means of his idea, this is only the audience, who are keen on the direction of the genre, will be very interesting, and that, in fact in this new film?
An ordinary person, who is not committed to the viewing the movie, as it is observed real movie lovers, do not know in the frame of a single familiar face, the savings on royalties due producers, went to the detriment of the artistic presentation of the movie \’ the Thirteenth floor’. Yes, and the scenery of the film, as well as main places of dislocation, from afar gives the viewer to see the their vtorosortnost and cheapness.
Places, drowning in stupid actions of the main characters, absolutely pattern dialogs of all the characters, hardly Director Josef Rusnak could provide that the same Wachowski, removed almost the same shtampovyiy film, only under the stamp of excellence. In comparison with all the others like themselves, the film ‘the Thirteenth floor’ closes the list of the representatives, if the movie liked the years of its output, it is possible perception after viewing would be positive.
4 out of 10
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